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Kindred Force Payments

Tired of Payment Processing Costing 4% of your sale? 

Tired of Bills too Complicated to Read? 

Software Vendor needing to Integrate Payment Processing?

Wholesale Payment Processing

What We Can Do For You!

What We Do:

Wholesale Payment Processing

We want clients, not your hard earned money!

Interchange is the base rate for credit card processing charged by the major card brands.

Sorry, we can't do anything about that.

We can, however, only charge enough to keep the lights on. 

That's right! Interchange plus as low as 50 basis points, depending on your business!

That's only $0.50 on every $100.00 processed!


What We Offer

Individual Merchants

Lower processing rates

Simple Billing Statements

Standard Processing Credentials 

Plug and Play with your current systems

Software Vendors

RESTful APIs for integration

Embeded Payment System

PCI Compliance

Additional Source of Revenue

Contact Us

529 25th St. Suite 200, Ogden, UT 84401

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